Limousine Chauffeur

Madison, WI
Salary: $10.00 to $12.00 /hour

Drive at or under the speed limit with or without clients in the car.

• Pick up customers on time at predetermined locations and predetermined times.

• Assist passengers in the handling of luggage and large packages.

• Be able to lift at least 65 lbs.• Open door(s) for the customers. Be familiar with the downtown streets, freeways, general cities and landmarks.

• Ensure that the vehicle is clean and has ample fuel.

• Fill out the vehicle inspection form and remove all trash from the vehicle after every shift.

• Keep a log of all trips made, including passenger information,starting and ending mileage and properly signed client agreements.

• Have excellent interpersonal skills, as he or she will be required to interact with customers from all demographics.• Wear a chauffeur’s hat while on duty (no exceptions).

• Wear a jacket/overcoat displaying the Zenith name, if a jacket/overcoat is needed.

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